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A Program to Combat Poverty and Reduce Rampant Inequality Across Upstate New York

Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, the state is making targeted investments in capital projects to improve the quality, efficiency and reach of services that address poverty, including job training, public safety, and health and nutrition programs.

Overall, the ESPRI program in New York State is designed to:

  • Identify specific, measurable objectives to improve residents’ well-being and quality of life;
  • Better align public and private resources with community-based interventions that are successful in improving outcomes for residents;
  • Develop strategies that match promising practices to the unique challenges of each particular community; and
  • Build partnerships among public and private, municipal and nonprofit organizations to provide a continuum of solutions.

ESPRI will focus on using existing resources more effectively and purposely to end poverty, strengthen relationships between the business, public and nonprofit sectors in each community, and ensure greater coordination between state and local government to expand economic opportunity for all New Yorkers.

The ESPRI funding for the City of Watertown is being administered by the United Way of Northern New York. The United Way established a Steering Committee and a Task Force with the support of a project facilitator.